Osgood-Schlatter's disease

DefinitionOsgood Schlatter's


Condition of traction apophysis into which part of patellar tendon inserts

- pulling osteochondritis of tibial tubercle




Early teens

- M:F

- corresponds with growth spurt

- M 12-14 

- F 11-13 

- 1/3 bilateral

- athletes 21% vs 5% normal




Traction injury

- due to recurrent tensile microtrauma to an immature patella insertion 

- usually no history of injury




Activity related pain

- especially kicking & jumping

- pain on direct blow

- difficulty kneeling




Tender lump over tibial tuberosity

Pain on active extension


Osgood Schlatters




Exclude other causes

- enlarged fragmented tibial tuberosity


CT scan 


May define ossicle in patellar tendon

- 10%




Usually resolves spontaneously

- NSAID oral and topical

- hamstring stretching

- restriction of provocating activities


Steroid injections contra-indicated


Removal of ossicle if remains painful and mobile


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